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Archive for January, 2016


Why use Credit Cards over Debit Cards

Today I got a voicemail from my credit card company telling me that they suspect fraudulent activity on my account. Of course, I immediately checked the account online and called them back. There were charges at two stores: $500 at Michael Kors and $200 at the Finish Line. There was…

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2015 End of Year Letter for Public

Executive Summary: While listening to market forecasts may be entertaining we are convinced that only fundamentals matter to long-term performance and that fundamentals are bound to return to the markets. While the last several years have been excellent for US stock market indexes like the S&P 500 (until this year)…

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Market Update

Brief Summary The last five years have been good for US stock large cap indexes but hardly anything else. The period from 2011-2014 was an outlier, where US stock large cap indexes rose well ahead of their fundamentals.  This period has come to an end.  Few investors know that, in…

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