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Posts by: stephen-gary

Ken Moore Awarded 5-Star Rating on Paladin Registry

Global View is pleased to announce that partner Ken Moore CFP has been accepted into the Paladin Registry. Ken was awarded a 5 Star Quality rating, the highest available from the service. Paladin Registry has been researching and rating advisory services nationwide since 2003. According to the Paladin Registry website, Wall Street employs…

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The Importance of Time Horizon and Asset Buckets

“Financial Advising is a prescriptive activity whose main objective should be to guide investors to make decisions that serve their best interests.” Daniel Kahnemann Executive Summary This regular update is intended to be used as talking points with clients. People who have money have a long time horizon with most…

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Does Fund Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance?

A recent article, “Drawing the Line of Asset Bloat” by Russel Kinnel published in Morningstar magazine examined the effect of swelling asset size on mutual fund performance. Kinnel highlights several anecdotal examples of how growing size of a mutual can significantly impair the fund’s future returns including the infamous Fidelity…

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Major Brokerage Firm to Raise its Fees up to 50%

An article posted in the Wall Street Journal details the harsh truth that many clients of one major Wall Street brokerage firm will have to face this year. Up to 50% HIGHER FEES. In an attempt to streamline the fee structure, the conglomerate holding corporation has passed down a new…

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Maximizing Your Financial Aid Eligibility The article linked above, Maximizing Your Aid Eligibility by Mark Kantrowitz contains a wealth of information about collegiate financial aid, its calculation, and most importantly outlines several strategies to help maximize a student’s eligibility. These strategies deal mostly with the attainment of government student loans and access to work-study…

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Fee-based vs. Fee-only. Why does it matter?

Global View Investment Advisors is a fee-ONLY firm.  We are paid by our clients and ONLY by our clients.  While we may pay others for referrals, we will not accept payment for giving them.   “Financial Advising is a prescriptive activity whose main objective should be to guide investors to make…

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