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Economic Commentary

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Economic Commentary from Global View Investment Advisors.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Is Wells Fargo working for its clients or shareholders?  Does it make sense for a Financial “Advisor” to be pressured to maximize the number of “products” that his clients have? “The issue now is whether Wells Fargo is stepping over the line, both by selling products to customers that may…

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2015 Year End Planning Checklist

2015 Year End Planning Checklist       Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is not far down the road. Here are a few tax specific items we recommend you revisit as 2015 draws near its conclusion. Capital gains – If you have a legacy stock you have owned for a…

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Worry-Free with index annuities … not likely

Index annuities were designed in 1995 to create CD returns.  That is what they have historically done and will continue to do.  While there may be anomaly years at times current offerings are pretty much going to give CD returns.  Unfortunately there are a lot of folks out there (including…

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On Recent Market Turmoil

During the first days of this correction we sent a lot of clients an email explaining that corrections occur on average every 18 months.  Since then, Matt McLennan, the manager of the First Eagle Global fund, published an excellent piece giving his assessment of the current environment.  Matt believes this…

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Quarterly Newsletter to Public Q2 2015

Quarterly Newsletter to Public Q2 2015 July 31, 2015 “It’s not stress that kills us. It’s our reaction to it.” Dr. Hans Sely, Austrian scientist and father of the field of stress research who introduced the word stress into many European languages. Executive Summary We know that human beings are…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public Q1 2015

Quarterly Newsletter Q1 2015 April 28, 2015 “In Math, we can sort of know that we’re wrong.  We can even sometimes know that we’re right … The main thing is where you set the bar between success and failure.  Some people will say 99 percent correct is failure because you…

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