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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning Analysis & Trends. Commentary from Global View Investment Advisors

Tis The Season…For Charitable Giving!

U.S. Trust publishes annual statistics on how and why high-net worth families give to charity.  The Executive Summary is always insightful, providing a wealth of statistics into what drives wealthy donors to give and what strategies they use to prioritize and distribute their charitable giving dollars.  For those readers interested,…

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Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation

It’s Time to Do Your Taxes! What?  It’s not April 15th, is it? Well, you’ve got me there.  But, it is the time to lower your 2014 tax bill if you were unhappy with what you paid last year.  What I’m talking about is tax planning.  And this is a…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public: Q2 2014

“People are asking me where the outlook is good, but that’s the wrong question… The right question is:  Where is the outlook the most miserable.’”  Legendary global investor John Templeton Executive Summary At the Morningstar conference in Chicago in June, some of the industry’s best and brightest were out sharing…

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Thoughts of the Journey to Global View

As many of my friends and clients know, last year I decided to transition my career completely into financial planning.  Over the last few years, being a CPA I had more and more families and small business owners seeking help and advice as they worked through the financial crisis and…

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The Importance of Time Horizon and Asset Buckets

“Financial Advising is a prescriptive activity whose main objective should be to guide investors to make decisions that serve their best interests.” Daniel Kahnemann Executive Summary This regular update is intended to be used as talking points with clients. People who have money have a long time horizon with most…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public- Q1 2014

April 22, 2014 “We’re generally overconfident in our opinions and our impressions and judgments.’”  Daniel Kahneman, Nobel winning Psychologist and recent author of Thinking Fast and Slow Executive Summary The economic reality is that most of the world is mired in a New Normal where economic growth is no longer…

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Maximizing Social Security

A Brief History The Social Security Act was written into law in 1935 as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. It is primarily funded through payroll taxes enacted in the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA). Part of this is funded by the employer and part by the employee,…

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2013 Year End Planning Checklist

. Although Halloween has yet to come and go, and Christmas is still far down the road (at least we like to pretend), we here at Global View have begun the arduous process of closing the books on 2013.  Time is clicking away for you as well to finish up…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public – Q3 2013

Quarterly Newsletter to the Public – Q3 2013 “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking Executive Summary The US stock and bond markets continue to trade based more on expectations of what the Federal Reserve will do than on fundamentals. The…

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Protecting Your Assets from Fraud

Scammers attempting to commit wire fraud are on the rise. Attempts are widespread and becoming more sophisticated than ever making it increasingly difficult to detect when requests from clients are legitimate. At Global View, we are doing everything possible to protect and prevent criminals from gaining access to your accounts….

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