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Having worked as Investment Bankers and Management Consultants in some of world’s major financial centers, we’re able to offer first hand, object analysis on the complex world of global economics.

Brexit:  What Now

Brexit: What Now

It came as a big surprise to most everyone when voters in the United Kingdom decided to exit the European Union, moving the pendulum from expansion to contraction.  To hear our thoughts on this topic, watch our two minute video, below: 

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2015 End of Year Letter for Public

Executive Summary: While listening to market forecasts may be entertaining we are convinced that only fundamentals matter to long-term performance and that fundamentals are bound to return to the markets. While the last several years have been excellent for US stock market indexes like the S&P 500 (until this year)…

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Market Update

Brief Summary The last five years have been good for US stock large cap indexes but hardly anything else. The period from 2011-2014 was an outlier, where US stock large cap indexes rose well ahead of their fundamentals.  This period has come to an end.  Few investors know that, in…

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On Recent Market Turmoil

During the first days of this correction we sent a lot of clients an email explaining that corrections occur on average every 18 months.  Since then, Matt McLennan, the manager of the First Eagle Global fund, published an excellent piece giving his assessment of the current environment.  Matt believes this…

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