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General Global View News & Financial Commentary. We have leveraged the financial experience we gained working in the world’s financial centers (New York, London, Frankfurt, Moscow) to put together process & solutions we believe will help our clients navigate these volatile times

Quarterly Newsletter to the Public: Q2 2014

“People are asking me where the outlook is good, but that’s the wrong question… The right question is:  Where is the outlook the most miserable.’”  Legendary global investor John Templeton Executive Summary At the Morningstar conference in Chicago in June, some of the industry’s best and brightest were out sharing…

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Thoughts of the Journey to Global View

As many of my friends and clients know, last year I decided to transition my career completely into financial planning.  Over the last few years, being a CPA I had more and more families and small business owners seeking help and advice as they worked through the financial crisis and…

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How We Select, Categorize, and Fire Managers

“Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.” -Warren Buffett Executive Summary This regular update is intended to be used as talking points with your clients. Even Pension Consultants using “investment fiduciary” principles to fire managers suffer poor performance. Retail investors and advisors unknowingly follow similar principles which results…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public- Q1 2014

April 22, 2014 “We’re generally overconfident in our opinions and our impressions and judgments.’”  Daniel Kahneman, Nobel winning Psychologist and recent author of Thinking Fast and Slow Executive Summary The economic reality is that most of the world is mired in a New Normal where economic growth is no longer…

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Does Fund Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance?

A recent article, “Drawing the Line of Asset Bloat” by Russel Kinnel published in Morningstar magazine examined the effect of swelling asset size on mutual fund performance. Kinnel highlights several anecdotal examples of how growing size of a mutual can significantly impair the fund’s future returns including the infamous Fidelity…

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Major Brokerage Firm to Raise its Fees up to 50%

An article posted in the Wall Street Journal details the harsh truth that many clients of one major Wall Street brokerage firm will have to face this year. Up to 50% HIGHER FEES. In an attempt to streamline the fee structure, the conglomerate holding corporation has passed down a new…

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Quarterly Newsletter to the Public – Q3 2013

Quarterly Newsletter to the Public – Q3 2013 “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking Executive Summary The US stock and bond markets continue to trade based more on expectations of what the Federal Reserve will do than on fundamentals. The…

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Protecting Your Assets from Fraud

Scammers attempting to commit wire fraud are on the rise. Attempts are widespread and becoming more sophisticated than ever making it increasingly difficult to detect when requests from clients are legitimate. At Global View, we are doing everything possible to protect and prevent criminals from gaining access to your accounts….

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Taking Action for Your Financial Future

According to an article published in Forbes “80% of financial planning recommendations don’t lead to action,” leaving only 20% implemented. Global View strives to have 100% of recommendations implemented. The first step Global View utilizes to achieve 100% implementation is to gain a full understanding of our client’s current financial situation through collaborative…

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