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  • The Life of a Client

    The Life of a Client

The Life of a Client

At Global View, our mission is for each of our clients to achieve their clearly defined goals.

We build a plan through a series of new client meetings and experiences. Here’s a sample timeline of what a new client can expect.

Step 1: Get to Know One Another

  • Learn about Global View’s philosophy and how our fee-only, independent structure sets us apart
  • Discuss the investing and financial planning concepts that we find most important for clients to consider
  • Describe your goals, concerns, current financial situations

Step 2: Review Preliminary Recommendations

  • Review multiple scenarios within the Financial Picture and reach an agreement on the most likely scenario for you
  • Examine the portfolio specifications that most closely align with the agreed-upon financial plan
  • Discuss additional planning suggestions (including survivorship needs, estate planning, tax planning, and liability insurance)

Step 3: Agree on a Course of Action

  • Review specific recommendations based on previous analysis and collaboration
  • Review a “To Do List” in order of priority

Step 4: Implementation & Ongoing Service

  • Regular meetings to review your financial plan, investment portfolio, and changing circumstances.
  • Monthly account statements
  • Quarterly investment/market update