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  • Retirement & Estate Planning Services

    Retirement & Estate Planning Services

    Customized, Independent, Investment Solutions

Financial Planning For Your Future

When planning for the future, most of our clients have two simple goals:

  • to retain adequate assets throughout retirement
  • in the event of death, to leave the surviving spouse with adequate resources to live a comfortable life.

We believe that Retirement & Financial Planning is an ongoing process, not a product. In order to define and predict financial success, we have developed a core tool that we call the Financial Picture. We use the Financial Picture to evaluate a new client’s current status and to monitor all changing variables annually.

The Financial Picture includes:

Goals and Information
A scorecard that catalogs the status of your investment strategy, emergency fund, and estate planning.

Here, we also record your estate planning attorney, accountant, trustees, executors, and emergency contacts. We make sure that all aspects of your financial and legacy planning are coordinated and complementary.

Balance Sheet
Incorporates all of your assets and liabilities: financial assets, real estate, use assets, business interests, mortgages, consumer debt, and life insurance. We also include other information such as the asset’s form of ownership, designated beneficiaries, future inheritance, and outside financial obligations.

Income Statement
Includes various forms of income, including earned income, social security, pension, rental, and others. Income is netted against expenses, indicating the annual spending surplus or shortfall. Combining the shortfall with information from the balance sheet, we arrive at the withdrawal rate and then the target return. This is a starting point for determining the probability of your retirement success and guides us in portfolio construction.

For most of our clients the main concern is to not outlive their assets, and in the event of death, the surviving spouse has adequate resources to live a comfortable life. In order to define success, and its probability, we have developed the Financial Picture. The Financial Picture is the core tool that we use to evaluate a new client’s current status and assists us in monitoring the changing variables annually.