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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

“Investors take risks because they don’t know what risks they are taking.”

Nobel Prize winning Economist Daniel Kahneman

Everyone is different.

And the traditional 6 question tests produce invalid results. When markets are good investors have a higher tolerance to risk. But when they are bad they have a lower tolerance.

We know, for instance that many investors (being more comfortable with risk) in 2007 moved heavily into equities) and then became scared in 2009 (moving out). This caused investors in the retail class of the Vanguard S&P 500 index fund to make only 2.92% per year for the ten years ending September 2017 (according to Morningstar) when the fund itself made 7.31% per year.

We look for the best globally. The best assessment of risk is FinaMetrica, explained here:

This risk profile tells us much about you including how much equity exposure you are suited for and your attitude toward debt versus investing.  Of course this is only the starting point of the conversation but it gives us much insight.

For access to the test we need your email and telephone number. Don’t worry, you have our promise that we won’t try to sell you anything other than an opportunity for a conversation.

Because our advisors are not salesman, our relationships are confidential, and we will never share your information with any other party (without your permission for instance to take a risk assessment) you can rest easy that you will not be called and pressured to buy anything.

But taking this action can get a big monkey off your back and help you solve the investor return gap (where clients make less than half of what the market makes because they buy and sell at the wrong times

Many investors have come here and signed up for our Setting the Path assessment, the first meeting of which is free for investors who take this assessment.

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