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The Importance of International Investing at Current Valuations

According to a study by prominent investment website Guru Focus now is a great time to focus on international markets. Using the well-known Buffet metric of national Gross Domestic Product divided by Total Equity Market Cap, Guru Focus has calculated a rough valuation level for several developed and emerging market countries. Just as expected they have found that most of the current opportunity lies outside of the US Markets. Check out the table to the right for each countries projected forward annual return.  For the full story on how the valuation levels were calculated and an in depth look at the implications visit

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Stephen is a recent graduate of Furman University, is the newest member of the Global View team. While at Furman, Stephen played a vital role on the baseball team, helped coordinate Relay for Life, and was a member of the school’s investment club. After graduating, Stephen took a position as a pricing analyst and project manager with a consulting firm outside of New York City working with some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Now back with Global View, Stephen’s focus is on marketing coordination, client relations management, and investment research.

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