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About Us

Conflicts of interest are the rule, not the exception, on Wall Street.

Big firms profit by taking advantage of investor behavior, which they have grown to understand.  Worse, advisors at these firms are burdened with sales goals.  Even if they are hardworking and honest, those employed by the Wall Street giants are pushed to sell a certain amount of product.  The focus is on sales numbers…not on helping you achieve your financial goals.

This is why smart investors are now looking for advice from a truly independent advocate.  Someone whose mission is to put their interests first.  And to see them as real people, with real needs.  To understand the importance of their goals, and to make sure their heirs are taken care of.

We founded Global View to provide you with a better solution.

  • We listen to you, get to know you, and put you first…always.
  • Our interests are completely aligned with yours.
  • We want to make you a client for life, not to make a quick buck.

And guess what?  We do have one bias.  We believe we can get more wealth for you than you would on your own, by helping to implement your financial plan and investment strategy.

And because we know you may not agree on that yet, we created a hassle-free process to get you on the right track (and not hire us for implementation) in case you would still like to do it yourself. So there’s nothing to lose.  And you’ll gain the piece of mind by having professional input to make sure you’re on the right path.

About Global View

We’re an independent, privately owned, owner/operated Registered Investment Advisory firm.

We act as your fiduciary at all times, meaning we legally agree to always put your interests first.  No exceptions.

We’re fee-only, meaning we only get paid by our clients with fees.  The same way you pay your accountant and your lawyer.

No commissions.  We don’t accept any commissions or other types of compensation from any other source. This way we remain completely independent and on your side.

The Right Experience and Knowledge

Because it’s serious money now, you need the right combination of experience and expertise.

Our team has experience working in major financial centers worldwide.  Having lived and worked overseas means we look at a broader opportunity set. For over 20 years, our advisors have successfully navigated all kinds of market cycles and economic conditions.

We can help you keep, and build lasting wealth.

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