A Different Approach

Servicing all of your financial needs

At Global View, we serve individuals and families looking for a better solution:

  • You have done it yourself but now need an advisor to help you retire and convert assets to income
  • You want to know if you can retire
  • You are selling a business
  • Your current financial advisor or broker doesn’t keep in touch with you enough
  • The actual results achieved by the advisor didn’t live up to the sales pitch
  • You want help with all aspects of your financial life, not just investments
  • You want to preserve, as well as grow, your wealth
  • You need creative wealth management to help you maximize your estate, tax and retirement goals without increasing risk

Imagine something better:

  • A team free of the conflicts of interest that plague Wall Street
  • A team that helps you with all aspects of your financial life: investments, financial planning, tax optimization, and estate planning
  • A team that collects no commissions
  • A team whose interests are completely aligned with yours 

Our commitment to all our clients:

  • We’ll help you preserve what you’ve built with globally diversified, conservative strategies based on time-tested principles
  • We’ll never accept commissions or other compensation from third parties
  • We’ll only charge you fees and we will explain those clearly and transparently
  • We’ll act as your fiduciary at all times
  • We’ll use the latest behavioral psychology techniques to help you avoid the big mistakes that most investors make
  • We’ll provide you with online tools for instant access to your accounts, from any device, so you can feel confident about your money
  • We’ll provide family-office style services to help you reach your legacy wealth planning goals 

Case Studies

Read these client stories to learn more about how we’ve helped people like you with common challenges.

Case Study #1:  Protecting What You’ve Built  

Case Study #2:  Maximizing Sale of a Business  

Case Study #3:  Retiring in the Carolinas and Hiring a New Investment Advisor

Global View Investment Advisors: A team free of the conflicts of interest that plague Wall Street.

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