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NAPFA, Dave Ramsey, and Paladin Registry refer investors seeking fee-only fiduciaries to Global View

Because you have many obstacles between you and successful retirement, you need an advocate to help, a fiduciary advisor.  We have agreements with referral partners to assist us to find suitable clients.  These include NAPFA, Dave Ramsey, and Paladin Registry.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of highly trained fee-only advisors.  NAPFA advisors show their commitment to work in the best interests of those they serve by signing and renewing a Fiduciary Oath and subscribe to the NAPFA code of ethics.

Dave Ramsey has taught millions to eliminate debt and save for retirement.  Through his SmartVestor program, he provides referrals to investors for advisors, like Global View.  This means that Global View maintains a high degree of ethical standards to educate and authentically help those in need while following Dave’s financial beliefs.

The Paladin Registry is the only SEC-registered service that validates and documents advisor qualifications and business practices for financial advisors.  Since 2003 Paladin has helped investors find experienced, trusted advisors.

We hope these partnerships provide some validation of our expertise and intentions as a top fee-only financial advisory firm. Review our website, download our eBook and contact us today to start investing in your future!

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