It's a jungle out there

Why Global View

Investors give hard-earned wealth to unscrupulous salesmen posing as ‘financial advisors’ every day.  You deserve better. I started Global View Investment Advisors to be your financial advocate.   – Ken Moore, CFP®, Founder

You’ve worked hard and built up serious money.  You’d think the hard part is over.  It’s not.  Because now you might be someone’s sales goal.

According to the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, Americans lose around $17 billion every year due to conflicts of interest.

Source:  Council of Economic Advisors report “The Effects of Conflicted Investment Advice on Retirement Savings”

$17 billion lost every year!  Conflicts of interest are the rule, not the exception.  Unless you’re one of the few aware of them, these conflicts are hazardous to your wealth.

You Deserve Better

We created Global View Investment Advisors to provide a better solution for you.  Imagine working with an advisor who is truly conflict-free:

  • Fee-only: We don’t accept commissions of any kind. This means we have no incentive to push particular products.   We just give you the best advice for your situation.  Instead of trying to sell you anything, we are your advocate!
  • Fiduciary: We serve as your fiduciary, meaning we always agree to put your interests first.  Not just morally.  And we do it at all times, not just part of the time, as most advisors (like those who can sell insurance) do.
  • Independent: As owner/operators we have no public shareholders or corporate office to please.  That means no pressure and no sales quotas.  We only report to you.
  • Investing Alongside You:  Because we are owners we have skin in the game.  This means we put our own money into the same investments we recommend to you.  

Coordinated Tax and Estate Planning

To get the best results, you need to integrate tax and estate planning. When your financial advisor, accountant, and estate attorney aren’t working together in concert, you lose out on potential savings. By having accounting and estate expertise work together with your investment management, you can capture these opportunities.

This allows us to maximize your wealth today. And tomorrow, for your children, grandchildren, and other heirs.

  • Accountant’s role:  Your accountant’s goal is to reduce your taxes.  Our goal is to maximize your wealth.  These can be in conflict.  Having accountants working directly with your investment manager minimizes this conflict.
  • Estate Attorney’s role:  Estate plans crafted by an attorney can create unneeded complexity (or they might be too simple). The estate planning attorneys that work with us understand the objectives and thus the process is simplified.  Intentions are executed as intended.

Constant Collaboration:   We make sure everyone has the necessary information to make the right decisions.  You may want to smooth your retirement income.  At other times, you may need to watch capital gains.  Or you may require annuities rescued.  Whatever your current goal, we keep everyone fully informed so the best possible outcome can be reached. 

Beat the Odds with an Advocate

Did you know most investors don’t come close to capturing the returns the market offers?  There are three reasons for this.

First, most people fall victim to their emotions and end up buying and selling at the wrong times.  Using index funds doesn’t help with this problem.

Second, unscrupulous salesmen know how to take advantage of this.  The ‘investor return gap’ is the term Dalbar Inc., an investor research firm, uses to describe this.  It’s the difference between actual fund returns and what investors get. Proof that Investors are Their Own Worst Enemy.

Third, the financial services industry is a confusopoly and knows how to push your buttons.  This means it is an industry where firms benefit from consumer confusion.  They make money at their clients’ expense. They use sophisticated advertisements selling you dreams when performance is good. And when you are most vulnerable they make you cry to buy. Confusopoly: Is TIAA Preying on Investors?

At Global View Investment Advisors, we keep you informed, not confused.  We are your advocate to reduce the investor return gap. We work closely with you to understand exactly what you need.  And then we do everything we can to help you achieve your goals while reducing unexpected outcomes.  Achieving consistent returns are important and we help you do that.  But above all, it’s about avoiding losing money you can’t make back.

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You may have gotten away with a few mistakes while accumulating wealth, but now that you’ve arrived, you need to be more careful.