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Worry-Free Portfolio Management

To succeed in today’s uncertain markets, you need a global view.


After an excellent run in the stock markets many investors are worried how they can keep doing well in stocks.  And in bonds, especially with interest rates rising.  Others are worried about international politics and trade wars.  There is never a shortage of worries!

And you’re right to worry.  Investing is never easy, even if at times it may seem that way.  Most people get caught up in unconscious biases and emotions which cause their investment returns to suffer.

Bias, Bias, Everywhere

This happens to advisors too.  Everyone wants to own what they know and are comfortable with. And that’s US stocks and bonds.  And hardly anyone knows that you can reduce risk and increase return by thinking outside the box.

Today, nine out of ten new companies are formed outside the United States.  People in emerging markets want to live like we do and are willing to work hard to do so.  And companies you haven’t heard of yet are disrupting Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.  Don’t you think you should own them?

Benefits of Thinking Globally

Investors willing to think outside the box, and to own companies of all sizes (wherever they are located), and to rethink how they own lower risk bonds, have more flexibility.  This broader set of opportunities can help to reduce risk and increase return, if properly implemented.

And it’s not just about investing.  Having a global view also means understanding the impact of tax law and estate planning decisions on your goals.

Because our advisors don’t have quarterly sales goals, we take the long view.  We can consider how today’s decisions will impact the goals you currently have, and the ones we know are going to pop up down the line.  Because many of our clients have already made that journey.  And we have learned from their experiences.

Think back to 2008.  Or the collapse of the dot com bubble.  Most investors lost money when they reacted emotionally or attempted to time the market.  Our clients, educated on what to expect, fared much better.

You deserve better.

Protecting Your Future

Once you have accumulated serious money, risk management is paramount.  You don’t want to lose what you can’t make back.

At Global View, this is the foundation of our process.  Our staff have well over a hundred years’ experience solving problems (at Global View and previous firms). Since 2004, as our clients’ advocate, Global View advisors have helped clients:

  • Protect what they’ve built.
  • Grow their assets while controlling downside risk.
  • Help them understand risk they face, and weather it.
  • Look for opportunities to increase return without increasing risk (coaching, tax and estate planning strategies).

We believe the quality of our investment management will take a backseat to no one.  Here’s why:

  • We keep you truly diversified so you’re less vulnerable to individual events and market cycles. Because we are not limited by Wall Street ’conventional wisdom’, we leverage our long-standing relationships with high-quality boutique asset managers. We truly bring a global view.
  • We utilize behavioral economics to help you better understand your own natural biases. This means you make better decisions.  And can achieve your goals more quickly.
  • We don’t rely on the usual risk tolerance questionnaires which are subject to investor bias. Instead we use psychometric risk assessments to find out your true risk tolerance.  Which means you don’t get caught with too much risk at the wrong time.  And this means we take the appropriate amount of risk instead of trying to time markets.
  • We have deep relationships with the best fund managers in the world who have their assets invested alongside our clients (and us) and who keep size small to ensure excellent and durable risk-adjusted returns.
  • Our processes ensure disciplined, consistent risk management so you don’t lose money you can’t make back.
  • We even have our own in-house tax efficient stock portfolio featuring Great Businesses. It’s designed to be a low-risk way to get exposure to the best companies in the US.

Research shows that mutual fund investors earn poor returns in contrast to the market indexes.  Investors typically make less than half of the returns of the market indexes. The cause?  Their behavior.

Behavioral economists have demonstrated that the reason investors perform poorly is due to natural human biases.  All investors experience emotions such as fear and greed.  This undermines their decision-making ability, especially since there is so much at stake. It’s normal.  Fortunately, we can fix that.

Working as a team, we help you conquer these natural human tendencies.

At Global View, we’re here to help you achieve the financial returns that the global market offers…and that you need to fund your goals.

Our processes ensure disciplined, consistent risk management so you don’t lose money you can’t make back.

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