Worry-free financial planning is what we offer

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A financial plan is your roadmap to the life you want. Because if you’ve got big goals and dreams, it’s not just important, it’s vital.


But not all ‘financial plans’ are created equal.

Avoiding Hidden Agendas

Financial plans by the big brand name Wall Street firms are designed to support selling the firms’ products.  These plans are overly complicated and worse, focus on selling products the firms offer.  Because investors rarely have a good fundamental understanding of what’s important, these plans are poorly implemented.

At Global View, we’re fee-only.  We don’t sell products.  Because we have witnessed investors make terrible mistakes (which were preventable) we are compelled to make sure we can at least get everyone started in the right direction.  We created a straightforward process to put every investor on the right path.

And we don’t have a hidden agenda.  Our agenda is transparent.  We think we can help you end up with more wealth than you would have without us. Put another way, if you hire us as your steward for ongoing planning and investment management,  we believe you and your heirs will have more wealth than if you didn’t!

But we understand many investors simply don’t think that way.  You may have been a ’do it yourselfer’ your entire life.  Or you may simply not recognize the value of hiring someone for ongoing advisory services, as your advocate.

Whether you’ve been a lifelong do-it yourselfer, or know you need an ongoing advisor, you can benefit from an unbiased analysis.  An expert not selling any products can analyze your situation and create a summary of key actions you need to take to assure your success.  We call this process Setting the Path.  It’s an excellent way to make sure you are tackling the key issues standing between you and your goals.

And if you decide to continue doing it yourself, you’re free to make the specific investment decisions on your own and implement the plan on your own.

As a prospective client going through this process, you may learn there are some things you didn’t know that you didn’t know.  Or you may find that you can in fact do it yourself.  Either way, it’s your decision.  

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A Plan Of Action

Advisors create excellent financial plans which end up sitting on a shelf, unimplemented.  Because we incorporate tax and estate planning strategies, we make sure you implement your plan.  And we make sure to change it as it evolves.  Because life is what happens while you are making other plans.

It’s one of the main reasons investors hire us for ongoing investment advisory services.

We use your initial plan to mark your progress and to motivate you to stay on track.  As obstacles arise, it can be modified so you can get back on track to achieving your goals.

To make sure your plan is on track, we start new clients off with a Plan Summary, detailing primary goals and actions to achieve. We then document this in our proprietary Client Relationship Management system and make an interactive plan available online.  Using this technology, we can run several scenarios to select the right strategy for your needs.

For ongoing clients, we document this in our system and hold one another accountable for plan implementation.  It’s all out in the open.  This helps us to evaluate the odds of your success and change things as life happens.

By doing this we can make sure we eliminate your concerns and avoid unexpected negative surprises.  It’s how we keep you on course, to help make sure you don’t:

  • Outlive your assets.
  • Incur avoidable permanent losses.
  • Leave your spouse without the means for a happy retirement.

By keeping a close eye on your financial picture, we focus on areas that need to be addressed and make sure you stay on track when volatility strikes, or life events occur.

This makes you feel organized and in control.  

The Process

At Global View, financial planning is not a one-time event.  Instead, it’s an ongoing process.  It’s our mission to help you get what you want.  This takes time and effort to make it a success.  You will work with a variety of real people to make this happen.

We build your plan through a series of new client meetings and experience.  With the Plan Summary as a starting point, we build a living financial plan to continue to guide your progress and our work.

Here’s a sample timeline of what you can expect.

Step 1: Get to Know Each Other

First, we ask you a lot of questions. You describe your goals, concerns, and current financial situation.  We listen.

  • You’ll learn about Global View’s philosophy and how our fee-only, independent structure benefits you. And you’ll meet some of the people who will be implementing your plan.
  • Together, we’ll discuss the investing and financial planning concepts that we find most important for clients to consider.
  • We’ll start putting together your Financial Picture as your starting point.

Step 2: Review Preliminary Recommendations

Together, we’ll review multiple scenarios within the Financial Picture and reach an agreement on the most likely scenario for you.

  • We’ll examine the portfolio specifications that most closely align with the agreed-upon financial plan.
  • We’ll discuss additional planning suggestions, such as survivorship needs, estate planning, tax planning, and liability insurance.

Step 3: Agree on a Course of Action

  • We’ll prepare and review specific recommendations based on previous analysis and collaboration.
  • We’ll create and review a “To Do List” in order of priority including a Plan Summary.

At this point we begin to implement ongoing investment advisor services for clients.

Step 4: Implementation and Ongoing Service  (Investment Advisory Clients Only) 

  • Now, we get to work executing the plan.
  • We’ll work on completing other agreed upon tasks and managing your investments as described in the plan.
  • We’ll be working on your behalf, but you’ll also have things to do to get you closer to your goals. And we will help you and hold you to it, with regular communication, checklists and discussion.
  • We’ll schedule regular meetings with you to review your financial plan, investment portfolio, and changing circumstances.
  • You’ll receive monthly account statements and regular topic blogs and investment/market updates.
  • We’ll be easily reachable by phone or email. In most cases we do this on the same business day.
  • Additional to do items will be added and subtracted as your needs and circumstances change. 

Global View’s full-service approach gives you peace of mind that all aspects of your financial health are being attended to.

Instead of worrying, you’ll find yourself working toward achieving your next goal.  That’s the secret to winning (if you’re paying attention).

Are you ready to achieve your goals and protect your future?

Ready for a test drive? Start Setting Your Path today.