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  • Investment Performance v. Investor Performance

    Investment Performance v. Investor Performance

Our Investment Strategy

In our experience, investors generally have two primary goals:

  1. To provide immediate income to support current living expenses or to have a pool of funds in case immediate income should become necessary
  2. To provide income in the future (for retirement, etc.)

We work closely with clients to identify these goals and create an investment strategy will facilitate its accomplishment.

Our investment strategy includes:

  • A Retirement Spending Portfolio, which supports immediate income needs.
  • A Long-Term Portfolio, which supports income in the future.

To reduce overall portfolio risk, we employ the trusted Margin of Safety investing (MOS) process.

We have advantages over retail investors that cannot be easily replicated.

First, we have access to investments available only to large purchasers or that have been closed to new investors.

Second, we subscribe to research that is prohibitive for most investors to purchase, follow, and understand.

Third, we consider ourselves to be professionals who devote our time to managing wealth. We feel this time and experience adds value and can demonstrate this to you on request.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we take a business approach to investing and strive to minimize emotional involvement. This allows us to take greater risk when opportunities are best and to reduce risk when they are poorest.