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Kenneth M. Moore Jr., Partner,
Certified Financial Planner®

Ken Moore - Financial AdvisorKen founded Global View  in 2004 after gaining extensive professional experience internationally. He is a graduate of James Madison University and the University of South Carolina’s Master of International Business Program. He served for four years with the US Air Force.

Ken has worked as an investment banker and management consultant in the world’s major financial centers: New York, London, Frankfurt, and Moscow. In his roles at CommerzBank, Roland Berger & Partner, and AIG, Ken has analyzed industries and companies on three continents.  Ken speaks Russian and German and is learning Italian.

Ken  learned about the brokerage side of the financial services industry by completing the professional development program at Merrill Lynch in 2002.  This gave him insight into the need for a fee-only advisory service as opposed to a fee-based service where conflicts of interest may exist.

Ken’s focus is on investment strategy, research and analysis and financial planning strategy. Ken has a lead role on our team identifying investments that fit the Global View philosophy. He is a strict adherent to Margin of Safety investment principles, and believes, like Warren Buffett and his global compatriot, Jean-Marie Eveillard, that returns are predicated on sound fundamentals including valuation, quality, and the existence of a “moat” allowing a high return on capital.

When not working, Ken enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and trying to beat aging by being active swimming, riding bikes, and occasionally running.  Ken finished Ironman Arizona in 2013 and hopes to complete Ironman Chattanooga in 2015.