Adam Wiles

CFP ® - Partner – Chair of Investment Committee

Adam's Story

Adam wants every client to be a client for life.  As an advocate, he helps clients deal with the issues they know they need to confront.  And issues they don’t even know yet that they will someday confront.

He understands that the future is uncertain, and works closely to develop deep relationships with every client to make sure it is not something to fear.  This means some illusions need to be confronted and dealt with.

Always skeptical about the unintended consequences of government actions, like printing money, Adam considers himself more of a value investor.  He recognizes the importance of looking globally for best ideas:  both internationally, and across all market sizes.  He also knows it makes sense to be innovative when investing fixed income.  Because the financial crisis caused the big banks to seek other avenues to make money (like selling credit cards and mortgages), they no longer lend to small businesses.  This creates an opportunity for enterprising investors to do what angel investors and venture capitalists (who own the equity of these companies) don’t want to.  To lend to those companies.

Adam is a native of Iva, South Carolina and graduated Cum Laude from Wofford College with a BA in Finance. While at Wofford, he participated on the football team as both a back-up and starting quarterback.

He has ten years of experience as a trader in the Commodity Lumber industry. He worked for two years at Merrill Lynch before joining Global View.

A deep thinker, Adam enjoys conversations about the role of government and how the latest monetary experiment will eventually play out.  He likes to make things as simple as possible for clients and to help avoid them becoming confused.

Adam holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credential.  He is focused on investment strategy, retirement planning, risk management, and new client identification. He has extensive experience and training in identifying clients’ needs and explaining solutions.

As Chair of the Investment Committee, Adam leads the investment due diligence process and portfolio

Adam and his wife Laurie live in Greenville’s North Main area and have two children, boy-girl twins, Ellis and Calla.


  • Retirement transition planning
  • Helping clients overcome fears of investing in uncertain times
  • Investment research and support to stock portfolios
  • Chief compliance officer

Other Team Members

CFP ® - Managing Partner – Retirement Transition Specialist
CFP® - Financial Advisor
Client Service Manager
Director of Practice Management

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