Ken Moore

CFP® - Founder - Confusopoly Translator & Chief Investment Officer

Ken's Story

"Investors give hard-earned wealth to unscrupulous salesmen posing as financial advisors every day. You deserve better. We created Global View Investments Advisors to be your advocate."

Investors give their hard earned wealth to unscrupulous salesmen, posing as ‘financial advisors’, every day.  That’s why Ken started this company.  Ken is dedicated to unpacking the confusion investors face from the financial services confusopoly.  The financial services industry is a confusopoly because firms profit by keeping clients intentionally confused … so they can profit at their expense.

Because he could not abide the confusion his clients faced at Merrill Lynch due to countless conflicts of interest and proprietary products like annuities, he left in 2004 to found Global View.

The professional development program at Merrill Lynch gave Ken deep insight into how salesmen take advantage of investors.  But there was much more to learn.

The Global View team was formed in short order.  We added experts with complementary specialties to help us provide more complete services to our clients.  As the team specialized, Ken increasingly focused on the drivers of investment return, and problems causing ordinary people to leave nearly half of their potential returns on the table for the big banks and insurance companies to pick up.

The most obvious part of the confusopoly is commissions. Advisors earn commissions from the sale of insurance and other securities because buyers are not aware of the cost and downsides of these products.  The more confusing the product, the higher the commissions paid… easy money for the big firms.

A study in 2015 by the President’s Council of Economic Advisors found this ‘conflicted advice’ costs investors over 1% a year in returns.  That’s about $17 billion per year total.   If you work with an advisor who is commissioned or “fee-based” it means your advisor has a potential conflict of interest and may be able to profit at your expense.

Advisor’s win.  Your loss.

The first thing we did at Global View was take commissions out of the equation.  Instead, we only charge fees.

The next thing we did was learn the reasons investors transfer half of their wealth to the big firms.  It’s a combination of investors’ own behavior (especially trying to time markets) and the financial services industry knowing how investors will predictably behave.

Good news.  Because we know how this works, we can work with our clients to teach them.  And to make sure our clients don’t become victims.  Because it’s our mission to make sure no one becomes a confusopoly victim!

Armed with experience as a trained linguist, Ken found it incumbent on himself to translate this for investors.  It’s why he chose that title.  Confusopoly Translator.

Ken is an alumnus of James University and the #1 ranked University of South Carolina’s Master of International Business Program, where he was awarded a fellowship.  He served as a Russian Linguist in the USAF.

Because Ken worked in the major financial centers of New York, London, Frankfurt, and Moscow, he brings firsthand global experience to the firm. Beyond that, he has an extensive business background, helping him better understand and serve our business owner and executive clientele.  His greatest accomplishment as a young man, working closely with Bain & Company, was to privatize a Chocolate Factory in Ukraine.  In that role he had to teach suspicious Ukrainians to trust an outside investor that the arrangement was a win/win.  This saved thousands of jobs and resulted in a thriving business.

Ken learned to analyze companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia while working for Roland Berger and Partner and AIG. He speaks Russian, German and some Italian (albeit poorly according to his daughter who is fluent).

Ken’s role as Chief Investment Officer means he helps investors understand and navigate the risks they are likely to confront. His foremost goal is to help Global View clients avoid losing money that can’t be made back.  He knows, like Warren Buffett and his global compatriot, Jean-Marie Eveillard, that returns come from sound fundamentals including valuation, quality, and the ability of a company to consistently earn a high return on invested capital.

Ken has been writing about investment strategy for over 15 years, has been published in magazines like Money Magazine, and regularly interacts with financial journalists.

When not working, Ken enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and trying to beat aging by being active physically. Ken finished Ironman Arizona in 2013 and enjoys endurance sports, especially cycling. He takes pleasure watching his daughter develop at College of Charleston and his son develop as a road cyclist, currently riding for the Junior squad of the USA Pro-Continental Holowesko Citadel racing team.


  • Translating financial jargon into English
  • Simplifying sophisticated investment and planning concerns
  • Crafting easy to understand wealth management transitions for business owners and retirees
  • Effective financial planning for business owners and executives
  • Helping investors decide when they can “retire” and convert assets into income

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